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Justice for the 96

There has been a lot written about the Hillsborough Disaster this week.  This is one of the best pieces.  There has also been a lot of ungood writing on the Disaster.  Perhaps one of the most insidious lies is the one that seeks to encourage the families of the 96, the club and the city of Liverpool to ‘move on’ now that we have passed this important anniversary, letting bygones be bygones and allowing the police to carry on doing the good work that keeps us all safe.


the truth

the truth

The truth is that, rather than an exercise in mawkish sentimentality, the Hillsborough Justice Campaign is an ongoing fight by the families of those who died for answers about what happened on 15 April 1989.   It is particularly relevant in light of the attempted cover up over the death of Ian Tomlinson.

Another truth is that anyone who still reads The Sun is an absolute tool.

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