It Felt Like a Kiss

I’ll be in Manchester this weekend, at the Kraftwerk gig (just had to mention… sorry!)

Now I’m also hoping I’ll be able to get tickets for ‘It Felt Like a Kiss’, a show put together by film maker Adam Curtis and theatre group Punchdrunk from rare archive footage.  There’s a taster available here and from the interview with Mr Curtis it sounds worth a look:

My aim was to try and find a more involving and emotional way of doing political journalism on TV.  I decided to make a film about something that has always fascinated me – how power really works in the world. To show that power is exercised not just through politics and diplomacy – but flows through our feelings and emotions, and shapes the way we think of ourselves and the world.

His film the Power of Nightmares looked at the way politicians create and then play on our fears to increase their power over us.  There’s an interview about it here, but in case you didn’t see it, the gist was that, like advertising which shocks you with a problem you never knew you had and then seeks to sell you the solution, politicians create bogeymen and then try to convince us that they are the only people with the power to save us from them.

The new one promises to include a look at America’s rise through the 50s and 60s, with pop, TV and film, and then show the darker side of the American Dream.  If I can beg, borrow or steal a ticket, I’ll report back next week…

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