It’s Nice That

It's Nice That 2More It's Nice That 2Got home on Friday to discover It’s Nice That had arrived…

I very excitedly tore open the package to reveal my copy, screen print by Rob Ryan and a lovely postcard which to my eyes appears to be a handwritten ‘thanks!’ from editors, Will Hudson and Alex Bec.  I almost hope it was printed though, because I am going to recommend that everyone get themselves a copy – I’m not lending mine out, so tough – and if they have to hand sign too many they will be exhausted before they get to Issue 3!

That is a risk we will have to take because, believe me, you NEED a copy of It’s Nice That to restore your faith in  publishing with proper paper, gorgeous illustrations and clever words.  From first flick-through I can’t wait to read George Hardie on rulers, the interviews with photographer Peter Finch and genius accessories designer Fred Butler, not to mention spend all of a hungover Sunday morning gazing at the beautiful photographs and illustrations.

So while I am doing that, do yourself a favour and head over here to buy a copy.  The limited edition screenshots are available until midnight on 30 September.

Very average photographs, which in no way do it justice, by Julia

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2 responses to “It’s Nice That

  1. rantinnravin

    Nice nice. I like it ALOT. £10 extra from me in their pocket.

  2. Julia Smith

    It’s truly splendid! The article about George Hardie’s collection of rulers was everything I hoped it would be and more.

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