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No alternative

marie meets the guillotine

Quote from a ‘senior source’ talking about the latest expenses scandal:

We were led up the garden path by Gordon. I have never known a prime minister to be heckled at a meeting of the parliamentary party as he was on Monday. Not even Tony during the Iraq war got such a rough ride.

(my emphasis)

The most damning statement about politicians in the UK today and it comes from their own lips.  They care more about feathering their own nests, more about lining their pockets, more about stealing from us, than they do about the utter mess which was our involvement in Iraq.

Never mind the thousands of dead we leave behind in that country as we involve ourselves in another misadventure in Afghanistan; disregard the fact that public opinion was ignored and manipulated on the issues to an unprecedented degree in the build up to war.

Instead, keep your mind on the fact that what really incenses our elected representatives is their right to bill us for their trips to Waitrose, plasma TVs and duck houses.

And for that reason, ten minutes hate considers it time to stop negotiating with them on a rational basis and move directly to tumbrils and guillotines.  The fuckers leave us no alternative.

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Simple life improvement


I have to recommend this mix as it will improve your life to a previously undreamt-of degree.  A perfect blend of really good music, no messing.

In a perfect example of symmetry, Andrew Weatherall has produced the new Fuck Buttons album.  Fuck Buttons are the subject of the most recent post over on  Bone Conduction.

There is also news of a new Junior Boy’s Own book.  Truly, life doesn’t get much better.

(FACT mixes have a three-week shelf life, so download it here before it’s gone!)

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Whaaat? Issue #3


Oh yes, just back from the printers and ready for you to peruse.  A mere £1.50 of cold, hard cash and in return you get your hands on Issue 3 of the world’s best fanzine, Whaaat?

Featuring finally crafted graphics and articles from writers including me and this bloke over here, it’s like a night out in the pub with some argumentative bastards in paper form.  Or like a blog you can read on the bog…

Get in touch to get yours now!

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Sorry, fashionistas…

…but I couldn’t resist.  When I saw this juxtaposition:


… all I could think was how much the skinny MySpace boy needed the free pizza!  I confess, I sniggered.

I’m going to fashion hell!

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