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End of an Era

Since every other mo’-fo’ in the universe has managed to con someone into publishing their list of the best/worst films/songs/artists/Pret-sandwich-fillings of the week/year/decade recently, I thought it only fair that ten minutes hate gave it a go.

Except I’m not going to do anything that scientific.  Instead here is a completely arbitrary and slightly esoteric list of five songs that have made 2009 better.  Tell me if you agree or leave your own suggestions in the comments.  And have a Feliz Ano Nuevo!

1. Nadsroic – All Hot

The FACT magazine mixes have provided me with much enjoyment this year, at a time when saving for Japan has meant spending on music had to dwindle.  (Wanna make me a mixtape?  Get in touch!)  I first heard this as the opener of the Alexander Nut mix, which is now sadly no longer available to download, but you can listen to the song on Nadsroic’s MySpace page here.  And you really must, because it is like nothing else you will have ever heard, all ethereal vocals and thumping drums that will be stuck in your head for ages after.  Then, if you have any cash spare because you’re not moving to the Far East soon, please buy a copy of their EP on my behalf.  Ta.

2. Risque Rhythum Team – The Jacking Zone

Needs no additional words from me, I think, this is just a great slice of classic Chicago house that improved my journeys to work last year by approximately 98%.

3. Quixote ft Lisa Li-Lund – Before I Started to Dance

A splendid chunk of French synth-pop type stuff which puts me in mind of old Source Labs compilations.  Lovely.

4. Coconut Records – West Coast

I love this because of where I was when I first heard it.  Also because I want to be able to skate like Mark Gonzales.

5. Kid Cudi v Crookers – Day ‘n’ Night

So I was standing at the bar in the Dolphin, a bit worse for wear, about 1 am and obviously not nearly worried enough about work later on that morning as I had just got another round in.  This video appeared on the screen behind the bar and within seconds the entire clientele was transfixed.  Yes, it’s cheesy.  Yes, it dents any credibility I earned with the previous four tunes.  But, as I’ve often argued, where would we be without the cheese, people? 

Plus, if you don’t laugh at the glee on his face during the bit with the pen at about 2.39 in, then I’m not sure you’re alive.  Press ‘Play’ if you dare, or just ignore and if we ever meet, let’s not speak of this again…

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And so this is Christmas

It’s a predictable question for this time of year, but one which needs to be asked again.

And so this is Christmas
And what have you done?

What exactly?  Covered yourself in glory? Or featuring repeatedly on the naughty list?  How can you tell?

It has been a year of such rampant evil that you are probably safe in thinking that your minor misdeeds will be easy to ignore.  After all, YOU didn’t steal billions to pay your mates fat bonuses.  YOU didn’t poison thousands in West Africa and then try to gag elected representatives when they asked questions about it in a legitimate forum.  Nor did you kill a single villager in Afghanistan with a mis-directed drone or even vote for Jedward long after it had ceased to be funny.  No, all in all, you have had a pretty good year.

But perhaps the Ten Minute Steak went down the wrong way.  Or perhaps it didn’t but is instead fuelling the anger: look at the French, they eat tons of steak and they are always angry!  Perhaps that is a good thing.  I say ‘enough’ to sitting quietly by, no more letting them off the hook for the crap deal they sell us.  Time to stop shrugging the shoulders and wearily copping out with a weak ‘but they’re all at it’.

It’s true, of course, they all are.  But they can only do it for as long as we allow them to.  So together, let us make one resolution we can hopefully stick to beyond January 5th.  Namely that we pledge to stop letting these tossers get away with this shit.  My language may be foul but my intentions are no less sincere for it.  Tomorrow we will start talking about how we do it. 

Maybe it comes as a result of being back in the hometown or maybe it is a result of this being one of my favourite Chrimbo songs, but some words of John Lennon’s bear repeating this Yuletide:

If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliché that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that’s his problem. Love and peace are eternal.

The thing the Sixties did was to show us the possibilities and the responsibility that we all had. It wasn’t the answer. It just gave us a glimpse of the possibility.

Hope this becomes more than a possibility fifty years on.  That this time it’s a good one, without any fear.

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A blog is for life…

…not just for Christmas.  Right?  Right.

So, it is two weeks to Christmas and you are bored of work.  In a short time you have to spend enforced periods with your nearest and dearest convincing them that you have more to offer than tales of a boring job and an embryonic drinking problem.  With that in mind, let ten minutes hate help by offering a slew of great writing and opinion pieces that you can shamelessly pass off as your own over the turkey this festive season. 

So you got very angry about the Daily Mail, Jan Moir thing.  You emailed everyone you knew to tell them to do something and then, like most sensible people, you moved on.  Unlike the writer of the Enemies of Reason, who instead dives headfirst each day into the immense ocean of shit that is the Mail and the Express and their comment pages, to provide superlative source material for the winding up of Daily Hate-reading relatives, like this post.  

 Then there is markwoff, navel-gazing in the warm surroundings of The Mortal Bath and pondering if responsibility for climate change can, after all, be pinned on ocelots.

Hop out of the bath and head to The Flying Rodent for gems such as this on why right wing-nuttery is a good thing:

Veiled nastiness is devilishly difficult to combat, but open idiocy and naked meanness defeat themselves. The Labour Party have proved that one single-handedly.

On the day I write something so good on here, I will probably close down the site and have it immortalised in bronze for future generations.  Unlikely though. 

If all this political commentary is sitting on your tummy like a million over-cooked sprouts, you should check out Neil’s songs of the year at The Bleeding Heart Show.  Alternatively, if you long for more politics like you long for extra helpings of Christmas pud, check out his explanation of the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend culture of UK political blogging and be astounded.

Or you could try to demonstrate that you have been surviving in the big city on more than Pret sandwiches and late night kebab shop forays by memorising some of DeboraJane‘s recipies and hitting the kitchen when everyone has had enough of turkey.  Only you might want to tell your mum that this one is called something else…

Finally, for commentary on Tiger Wood’s dalliences which doesn’t fall into the temptation of referring to the women involved as ‘birdies’, read Alex Song’s Cultured Right Foot.  Sport journalism so insightful, you could almost forgive him for being a Gunner.  I said almost.

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