Hate Highlights – 6 March

Lots going on this week, so here’s your chance to catch up with this week’s highlights from the hate:

  1. Toffs v toughs – looked at a resurgence of class war at Newcastle University
  2. Questions – considered what we really need to know about the Jon Venables case
  3. The worst cut is the deepest – wondered how much intent lay behind the decision to scrap 6Music
  4. ten minutes hate – assessed Carol Vorderman’s attempts to fill Sarah Palin’s sassy soccermom shoes
  5. Well hung – viewed the forthcoming election with a mix of despair and hope

Let me know your thoughts on any of these subjects, or anything else that takes your fancy, using the form at the end of any post.  (You don’t even have to use your real name!)

Remember you can also get ten minutes hate updates via the magic of Twitter by following me here, but if you have an aversion to all things Twit-related, just keep an eye on the ‘Telescreen updates’ bar on the right of the screen.  Here is the pick of my tweets from the last seven days:

  1. C4 News Exclusive: leaked email warns party’s throwing away election victory with ‘shambolic’ campaign
  2. Very cool graphic could assist in the saving of 6music
  3. The return of nasty? Tories finally turn to immigration to get the vote out in marginal seats
  4. Why it is dangerous to joke on Twitter
  5. Finally, a must see! Don’t Worry About Me on BBC2, Sunday 7 March at 11.45pm

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