One for the girls

Happy International Women’s Day! And what better way to celebrate than with Kathryn Bigelow holding aloft the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars? Proving that the lasses can do more around Hollywood than just look pretty in a posh frock, although that is cool too, because this is how far we have come: we can wear nice dresses, look great and still make films in which lots of things blow up. I am aglow with pride.

Yes, there is still a way to go. And yes, although not all of us are fortunate enough to have, in Sarah Ditum’s excellent words:

a bank account, a ballot and a contraceptive implant. I reckon Mary Wollstonecraft would trade eras with me in a heartbeat

I also reckon Mary would love ‘Hurt Locker’, as well as its Director.  So enjoy her here, in all her gracious, intelligent, Oscar-winning, Marchesa-wearing glory:

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3 responses to “One for the girls

  1. I reckon she would too, the slapper. We only remember her because she commented on the 1966 World Cup Final anyway.

  2. …and some of the sisterhood are on the pitch…

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