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Hate Highlights – 13 March

Here’s the best of ten minutes hate from this week:

  1. Using Slang in a Second Language – Eb Ward takes an uncomfortable bus journey
  2. One for the girls – celebrated Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win
  3. Predictable outrage outrages predictably – despaired at the world
  4. Some animals are more equal – listened to the MPs squeal
  5. A day without immigrants? – looked across the English Channel

And here are some other good things I twittered about this week:

  1. The Daily Mail caught in telling lies SHOCKER!
  2. Simon Singh says farewell to the Guardian as his libel fight takes its toll
  3. The Girl with the One Track Mind finally gets an apology from the Indie
  4. Vanity Fair tries to scratch the surface of Team Cameron in Cameron Obscura
  5. And Mr Cameron forgets Sky News are recording…

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