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Hate highlights – 30 April

Some posts you might have missed on ten minutes hate  this week:

  1. As News International breathed fire at those seeking to challenge its anointed representative, I urged you to disobey Rupert Murdoch on Election Day
  2. Giving out free stuff is clearly one way to get a good write-up…
  3. The ‘I love migrants’ campaign aimed at presenting the positive benefits of migration launched
  4. I bid a fond farewell to one of my favourite writers, Alan Sillitoe
  5. …and another to rabble-rouser, Malcolm McLaren

And here are some other gems from elsewhere that have enthralled me this week:

  1. Frank Zappa interview with Rolling Stone from 1988
  2. Open Democracy on the effect the election is having on asylum seekers
  3. Edge Foundation thinkers from ‘behavioural economists to psychologists, physicists to software engineers’ draw their conclusions from the aftermath of the Icelandic ash cloud
  4. The Independent on a scandal enveloping London’s Savile Row
  5. Ben Six ponders the future of ‘the underwhelmed generation’ 

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