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Vote early, vote often

I know, I showed you a picture of my postal vote on Tuesday. But I moved house recently and on Tuesday night got home to a letter saying that I had been registered to vote at the new place and that therefore my postal vote from the old gaff might be going straight in the bin.

I suppose there is a chance that it won’t, in which case I will have voted a couple more times than some people. Let no-one complain about low turnouts!

If you’re still in two minds, still feeling like you can’t be bothered, too busy, can’t decide, they are all the same, if voting changed anything it would be banned, then – I beg of you – please take a look at this morning’s Sun.  Then get thyself to the nearest polling station and mark a ‘X’ for whoever can best stop their preferred scenario from coming true.

People of Britain, it is time to say:

Polling station picture by Julia, ‘Nope’ via Matt Leys on Twitter.

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