Hate highlights – 9 May

Well, I have to admire your persistence.  It is Sunday though, so kick back with this mix by Kavinsky, courtesy of Dazed Digital, while you peruse the finest reading matter ten minutes hate has to offer.  First, the inevitable election coverage:

  1. Suggested reading material for E-Day minus 1
  2. On the day itself, you were urged to vote early, vote often. Quite prescient, in light of later events!
  3. May madness looked ahead to what might happen…
  4. …in the event we decided to Hang ’em High
  5. And as Murdoch ponders his failure to buy the election, cheers all round for a successful Disobey on 6 May

And finally, make sure you are finally rested and relaxed with this lovely story from Ireland, as found on Global Dashboard.  It’s back to the fray on Monday…

[tweetmeme only_single=false http://10mh.net%5D

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