Hate highlights – 31 May

A happy bank holiday to all readers of ten minutes hate – hopefully the sun is shining!  If not and you are chained to the computer today, here are my picks from the hate over the last seven days or so:

  1. Revisit last weekend’s Ska Sunday – and please add your own choices in the comments
  2. Indulge in some nostalgia of when we won it five times!
  3. If it really does rain all day, perhaps use the time to customise your notebook, find inspiration here 
  4. Read this and aim to keep the bank holiday idleness going through the whole week

And four great writers for you:

  1. Bella Gerens calls out the useless bitch MPs
  2. Ben Six on BP Chief Executive, Tony Hayward’s unconvincing acts of contrition
  3. Via Max Dunbar, Sam Harris on the Vatican scandal
  4. 3am Magazine’s review of an essential addition to any reading list in Radical Muckraking, Black Power and the End of the Sixties

And finally, if you have seen anything you think Julia would enjoy in your recent travels around the interweb, please drop me a note in the comments.  Ta!

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