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No Alanis, this is ironic…

This blog hates many things, as the name suggests.  Top of the all-time shit-list though, is the British tabloid “news”paper known as The S*n.  This earlier post explains why.

Now, as much as I love to hate, there are many things I genuinely love and WordPress is one of them.  Absolutely lovely, easy-to-use blogging software which crashes through busyness very rarely, despite the more than 200,000,000 posts about cats, cheese and other varied topics it is hosting.  Marvellous.

I also like the way it points you in the direction of other similar posts through the ‘automatically generated links’ section which it adds to the end of every post (click on the post title if you haven’t seen this before.  It is exciting!)

That said, it was with some disquiet that I noticed the automatically generated links added to the end of the post before this one: ‘Mawkish brutality‘ included one to – are you getting this Miss Morissette? – The S*n’s pictures of the aftermath of the Cumbrian murders.

I have been in touch with WordPress’ lovely support people and it seems I can’t get rid of this link without removing all of the automatically generated links on ten minutes hate.  So as I don’t want to do that, the link has to stay.

But please:

And that includes clicking on links.

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