Hate highlights – 3 August

A list of the best of the web during the time I’ve been away:

  1. Starting with the insightful analysis of the situation in Afghanistan from Septic Isle that should routinely come from other news sources, yet rarely does
  2. Modernity also covers the reporting of the leaked Afghanistan files
  3. Chicken Yoghurt attempts to do ‘the Hague and evac and put the freshness back‘ into Afghanistan
  4. The Flying Rodent takes a cold scalpel to the heart of the dispute between the US government and BP in Tu Quoque, Buddy
  5. Don’t Get Fooled Again reports on the Trafigura guilty verdict
  6. Truth, Reason and Liberty on the workers around the world fighting cuts in the only possible way in No War but Class War
  7. Ben Six writes about a reshaping of graduate ambitions in the face of brutal economic reality in The Playing Field
  8. Tania Glyde ponders the ‘RIP Raoul Moat’ Facebook groups and the sound of Guardian readers’ heads exploding
  9. There is an illuminating Interview with a Private Eye, over at Viceland
  10. And the ever-excellent Daniel Hoffmann-Gill tries to do shopping, with surprising results…

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2 responses to “Hate highlights – 3 August

    • Julia Smith

      You’re most welcome! You should do a regular ‘moody shop’ review feature, along the lines of: next week, Dan attempts to buy records in Soho etc etc

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