Hate highlights – 6 December

Essential reading for your Monday:

  1. If you are inclined to believe that anarchists are the type of people who only turn up to ruin your carefully stage-managed, peaceful demonstration, you urgently need to read Property is Theft on don’t vote, organise – the reasoning behind the slogan
  2. Five Chinese Crackers has this eye-opening Special Report: are there too many blacks? What, how is that racist? Can’t say anything now. on how the veil that was once drawn over most tabloid anti-immigration reporting grows ever thinner
  3. Share in the spookiness that sees Postcards from Yesterday and ten minutes hate post on the same topic, from the same city, at exactly the same date and time…
  4. Curious as to what results when two men decide to drive a few hundred miles and teach themselves to surf all at once?  The Greenhorn Surf Diaries is for you, then
  5. And if you whip through these beauties in double-quick time, Ben Six provides some further must-reads in Thank Heavens I’ve Got No Standards to Lower

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