Hate highlights – 13 February

A round up of the sites and articles I have been reading this week:

  1. Egyptian journalist 3 Arabawy for the latest from Tahrir Square.  He also has some awe-inspiring photographs from earlier in the protests and is worth following on Twitter, if you aren’t already!
  2. Culturejammers Adbusters were less than amused with the Huffington Post’s multi-million dollar sale to AoL
  3. Back in the UK, Hangbitch reported on the reality behind the posturing in Ringside at the Big Society circus
  4. Phil at Truth, Reason and Liberty dissected the figures behind the Mail’s latest hysteria over benefit ‘cheats’
  5. UK Uncut and Beyond Clicktivism issued a call to arms.

Also, five picks from ten minutes hate:

  1. Hide your wallets!  It’s pocket-picking time again as the bankers decide that remorse is for losers
  2. Examining the obstacles blocking any chance of real reform in the state of us
  3. Joyfully spotting hints of spring
  4. …before realising it was a dangerous case of speaking too soon
  5. Hate your job?  Advice available here.

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