Remember Japan

A visitor arrives from home and tells me that Japan is slipping off the front pages.  A brief flick through yesterday’s Times confirms it, full as it is of goings-on elsewhere and plenty of blather to do with a wedding you might have heard of.  I suppose that, given some of the excesses of the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, we should be grateful that the media circus has unfurled its tents on someone else’s lawn.

Maybe the story has become too ‘unsexy’ for 24-hour rolling news bulletins but, speaking as someone who tried to avoid them at first, preferring instead to be able to sleep at night, pictures such as these compiled by The Tokyo Times give much pause for thought.  I am completely taken aback by how in less than 10 minutes the videos go from ‘can’t see anything happening’ to ‘bloody hell, where has the town gone?’

Technology being so accessible, images such as these were being shown around the world before the waters had even subsided.  It is my hope that now the initial shock has also begun to dissipate we can use them to ensure that more people survive the next terrible event of this kind.

Picture from National Geographic


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2 responses to “Remember Japan

  1. As with all such disasters & tragedies once something new comes along the rest of the world forgets what has gone before, overwhelmed by a new bit of sensationalist reporting. However, for those that were directly, or even closely, affected it’s not quite so simple. The problem is that while initial aid is great it needs to be a gift that keeps on giving because 6 months from now there will still need to be money, still need to be help.
    While I was not as affected as those who lost homes, loved ones, everything I was in Japan- a country I’ll always hold dear and so while this is personal to me and while I understand that there are so many causes to give to, so many reaching out for help post-tragedy I ask anyone who is reading this who is so inclined, or knows someone who is, to organise something for 3rd November to help raise money for those in Japan who remain, and will remain for some time, in need of your help.

    • Thanks for commenting, I have been thinking the same thing.

      I am going to try and keep people’s attention on Northern Japan, the troubles that people are still facing there and the practical things we can do to help. They are going to need it for a lot longer than the news media can focus on them for. And now things are returning to ‘normal’ in Kanto, it is easy to think that is true for the whole country, when it clearly won’t be for a long time to come.

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