ten minutes love

Haven’t got the heart for a rant this weekend.  Looking forward to fun times with good people, the sun is shining and – in spite of the usual piss-artists and their attempts to spread misery around – life is good.  So here are a few things I’ve been feeling the love for, watched over by my favourite Tokyo Metro poster of the moment.  The caption reads: ‘Please be careful not to lean against the person sitting next to you should you fall asleep’.  Valuable life advice for us all.

  1. Ben Six on when censorship is a Good Thing
  2. Mark of the Mortal Bath is enjoying his new commute to work
  3. Our Man in Abiko went above and beyond the call of duty in answering my call for help. Great novel-writing assistance is over here.

May you all enjoy the weekend like I’m going to!


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4 responses to “ten minutes love

  1. Thanks for the link. At the risk of letting earnestness rain on this sunny post, however, I wasn’t trying to celebrate censorship; only to say I empathise, to some extent, with the motives behind it. I wouldn’t like someone to ban Hostel II, for example, but, by God, I can see why they’d be tempted.
    Have a splendid Saturday!

    • Hi Ben, thanks for commenting. I’m sure I was also being a bit tongue-in-cheek, I know you’re not really in favour of more censorship, just – well – less crap films.

      And imagine if you could extend the same policy to music, I’d have most of the Radio 1 playlist silenced!

  2. Kerry kriel

    Grab all the positive moments. Embrace them and smile knowing that you are making the most out of life 🙂

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