Love those redheads

I have profuse apologies to make. I can’t remember the last time I took a whole week off updating ten minutes hate. Thanks to all of you who have been passing by to see if I had written anything new, I hope you managed to find something sufficiently entertaining in the Records Department.

Rest assured that I haven’t only been spending the time lazing around with a pot of Earl Grey, I have also been working on my entry for Carve Magazine’s Raymond Carver Short Story Competition, doing tons of planning for a new course which I am enjoying teaching no end, as well as daydreaming and plotting a final assault on my first novel which I am aiming to have done by the autumn (kick me if it doesn’t materialise!)

Before it does, be sure to pick up a copy of the five-star rated The Teas That Bind, available either to download now or in paperback.

And finally, here is a clip which always makes me smile, for obvious reasons:

A very happy Sunday to you all!

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