Words to live by

I don’t often post funny signs from Japan, as it seems a bit cheeky when I speak about 20 words of the language, but the juxtaposition of this set made me smile. Vital advice, I hope you will agree.

The rules are: try not to make a noise, stop playing with fireworks and  do not climb over the fence.

Thank you for your consideration!

Photo by me, taken in Yokohama

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One response to “Words to live by

  1. cynkdf

    Hi Joanne, this is cynkdf .. Twitter suspended me (for about 12 hours or so already) .. frustrating .. if you have time, hope you don’t mind, I am itching to tweet people in the UK using Tweettunnel (some have thousands of followers) although response ie their RTing has not been good but at least they were tweeted – Tweettunnel is an awesome tool. Please email me if you wish to tweet 🙂 Many thanks and kind regards from Singapore.

    PS Didn’t realise you are in Japan ….

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