The Daily Mail on those funny foreign types

The UK’s Daily Mail attempted to bring a little light relief on Christmas Eve, via the subject of Japanese dining choices:


Long-time Japan watchers will no doubt shrug at this well-worn trope, critics of the Daily Heil will note that it has taken them a while to catch up on this story, which must have been doing the rounds for over 20 years.

I suppose there is something to be said for the Mail approaching it from the angle of amusement at those funny foreign types and their ways, instead of the thundering outrage at the death of Christmas which they so readily summon at this time of year.

For the record, while I have never eaten KFC at Christmas in Japan, it is very popular. However, usually with young couples rather than families as Christmas isn’t a holiday or a family event in Japan, that’s saved for New Year’s Eve instead.

ten minutes hate wishes a very Merry Christmas to all readers, wherever you are and whatever you are eating while reading.


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4 responses to “The Daily Mail on those funny foreign types

  1. Old news here but for the average Brit is is an amusing piece of trivia and the article, unusually for the Mail, doesn’t judge. I think there is more class snobbery here than cultural irks: KFC for Christmas, honestly as if a Daily Mail reader would stoop that low. Also badly written is “Conversely” the right word for the start of the second paragraph? Hope you had a great Christmas by the way and have a good new year. See you in the next year I hope. Damon

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