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Never Buy The S*n

I have been reading and enjoying Steven Baxter’s excellent ‘Musings Of A Monkey’ this weekend. In a chapter he describes as hastily cobbled together, but which I would call a very astute summary of the phone hacking scandal of Summer 2011, he makes the point that the subsequent closing of the News of the World so celebrated at the time was only:

speeding up the merger between the weekly and Sunday operations.

At the time the idea was officially scoffed at, but what a difference a few months makes and now the new S*n on Sunday should be in Britain’s newsagents ready for when they open in a couple of hours. Today also sees Liverpool take on Cardiff City in the Carling Cup Final at Wembley.

Regular readers of ten minutes hate may remember this post and this one, detailing the ongoing campaign by Liverpool fans to boycott the newspaper for the lies it told – under a banner headline declaring them to be ‘THE TRUTH’ – about the Hillsborough Disaster.  Full details of the paper’s lies and the fan’s campaign are available here.

Today, any day, but especially on this day: Liverpool fans ask you to remember the 96 families still seeking to know the truth about the deaths of their loved ones. Regardless of the team you support, whether you will be rooting for the Reds or the Bluebirds, don’t put money in Murdoch’s pockets.

As Billy Bragg tells it:

Tabloids making millions betting bullshit baffles brains
And they cynically hold up their hands if anyone complains
And just say “Well, we’re just giving the people what they want”
Well they’re crying out for justice, people crying out for justice

Allow your brain to remain unbaffled by bullshit.

Never buy the S*n.

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The tip of the iceberg

The News International scandal is just the tip of the iceberg of unelected oligarchies and corporate power in Britain’s democracy, according to a new report by David Beetham of the LSE, arguing that:

it serves to distract attention, as the MPs’ expenses affair did, from the ongoing embrace of the corporate world by politicians, of which their toadying to Murdoch has been such an egregious example.

Meanwhile, using a piece of legislation for other than the intended purpose, the Met is seeking to force the  Guardian to produce its source for the Milly Dowler phone hacking story by way of the Official Secrets Act.  Precedent seems to suggest that they won’t get very far in this course of action, but it is an unnecessary, not to mention expensive, battle for the Guardian to face.  Especially at a time when they have been picking up almost universal plaudits for pursuing the story in the face of so much hostility.

After a summer of revelations, it looks like this one has got much further to run yet.

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