Simple life improvement


I have to recommend this mix as it will improve your life to a previously undreamt-of degree.  A perfect blend of really good music, no messing.

In a perfect example of symmetry, Andrew Weatherall has produced the new Fuck Buttons album.  Fuck Buttons are the subject of the most recent post over on  Bone Conduction.

There is also news of a new Junior Boy’s Own book.  Truly, life doesn’t get much better.

(FACT mixes have a three-week shelf life, so download it here before it’s gone!)

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3 responses to “Simple life improvement

  1. Ah, The Monks.

    Nice linky, ta.

  2. rantinnravin

    Loving the Fuck Buttons album. I’m a huge Weatheral fan as well so indeed this is perfect symmetry.

    To see the other side of the main man get yourself along
    If you think he can’t get any better, go and see him in a car park.



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