Well Red magazine Issue 8

What a year it has been for Liverpool Football Club.  Ditching two managers, one sometimes loved, one universally loathed.  Jettisoning two feckless owners with the assistance of unlikely heroes in the form of investment bankers.  In the process beating threats of administration, the likely docking of essential points and a potential relegation from the top division for the first time since Bill Shankly got us there in 1962.

At times it has seemed like the football was getting in the way of the off-pitch shenanigans, while Liverpool fans were desperate to get their club back and return to the important business of chasing title number 19. King Kenny being returned to his throne has done much to shift the club’s trajectory and restore the smiles to players and supporters alike.  At the start of the season I couldn’t have dreamed that we would be where we are now, building for what should be our best shot at success for decades.

The optimistic atmosphere is reflected in the latest issue of Well Red, the independent supporters’ magazine.  Issue 8 is out now and contains commentary from journalists, fans, website owners and bloggers on where the club goes from here, as well as interviews, opinions and features – making it a must-read for all Reds.

And I would be saying that even if I hadn’t contributed an article for this issue!  I was lucky enough to able to write about the friendship that has grown between Japan and LFC in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake, as well as helping to promote Quakebook to Well Red readers…

With the bilingual print edition of the fundraising book now available and this fantastic magazine on newsstands, that should be all your reading needs covered until the Premiership starts again on 13 August.  And you will be much better informed than if you sit glued to the Sky News or Sky Sports News ticker tapes!

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