drunk blogging

Probably not a good idea.  But here goes anyway…

You think you’ll break my heart
but you’re not capable of it
I’m too strong for you
I’ll outlast you every time.
Good luck to you:
All’s fair in love and war,
but you can not win
if your object is to break me
It can’t be done
I will prevail
Everything I want
I will get with you or without
You can’t damage me
Or drag me off this path.
You can come along for the ride,
and it will be the ride of your life,
that I promise you
nothing but adventure
but if you can’t handle it
and I don’t think you can
then, hard as it is,
I’ll say goodbye
and leave you to regret
letting me slip through your hands.


Filed under Miniluv

2 responses to “drunk blogging

  1. It should be its own category: drunk enough to write poetry.


    Love it, sounds like lyrics from a grace jones tune.

    If it was written whilst capernoited …………………………I think it needs kerry ketamin, I mean Ketona reciting it…..
    for full effect.

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